Malaysia's Only Postpaid MVNO

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Get yourself a lucky goat angpow TODAY & WIN!
*Terms & Conditions Apply
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Just dial *123#
You can now check your bill, increase your credit limit, or even purchase data bundles using your phone.
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One SIM, Two numbers? Yes, it is now possible!
It’s the Ezzy2Duosim, only from redONE Mobile. It is cheaper than buying a multi-SIM / 2nd phone. No more carrying around two devices! Just stick on to existing SIM and start using!
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Do you really need 3,000 SMS a month?
Pay only for what you use, with no high commitment fees or ‘bundles’ that you’ll never use.
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Call your colleagues for free?
That’s nice. But most of your calls are to friends, family and business partners. We give you free calls to anyone on our network.
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A free phone! Well, there’s no such thing as 'free'.
Your high monthly commitment and 2-year contract means you’ll end up paying more. We do things differently.
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It was their billing error, but now you are blacklisted!
That doesn’t seem fair. We believe in second chances.

 Switch to RedOne
Switch to redONE
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Plans & Rates
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Be Our Partner
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