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For a full list of countries and their respective call charges, please check here.

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What is Premium IDD?
Premium IDD is a service that allows customers to call overseas with a voice quality equivalent to a local call.
Do I need to subscribe in order to enjoy the rates?
No, you are not required to do any subscription.
Do I need to activate the IDD service before calling?
If you are a new customer, just call 1909 to activate the IDD service.
If you ported (MNP) your Postpaid number from another network, and you had IDD previously, you do not need to.
I already have International Roaming activated. Do I need to activate the IDD service?
No, customers who already have International Roaming activated do not need to activate the IDD service.
What is the charging block?
The charging block is per 30 sec call block size.
How do I make a Premium IDD call?
You will need to dial <00 or +> <country code> <area code> <phone number>. For example, to call Australia dial 0061xxxxxxxxxx or +61xxxxxxxxxx.
Are these IDD rates applicable to supplementary line users?
Yes, these IDD rates are applicable to supplementary line users.
Will I get charged if my recipient is unreachable?
No, unless the call is answered by your recipient's voice mail or IVR, you will not be charged.
Will I be notified of any changes in IDD rates?
Changes in rates will be published in our website. Please check our website periodically to get the latest rates and promotions!
Terms and Conditions
  1. The new IDD rates are applicable starting September 1, 2016 until further notice.
  2. New IDD rates are for Premium IDD calls with quality as a local call. Not a VoIP service with inferior and unreliable call quality.
  3. The new rates is not applicable for Premium calls, Satellite calls and special service numbers.
  4. The new rates are eligible to fixed and mobile calls only.
  5. redONE reserves the rights to revise our IDD rates at any time.
  6. This offer’s terms and conditions shall be read in addition to the terms and conditions of the redONE terms and conditions (“Principal Terms & Conditions”) accepted by the Customer and shall be supplemental to the Principal Terms & Conditions. The Principal Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply and bind the Customer for purposes of this promotion.