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redONE has received many complaints from our customers regarding mobile content that they have received and been charged for, but which customers did not subscribe to (or were tricked into subscribing).


redONE does not partner with, provide or endorse any of these 3rd party content services. Our customers are able to subscribe to these services because these Content Providers are connected to Celcom’s network. As a result all redONE customers automatically also have access.


But given the rising number of complaints and billing disputes that redONE and our agents have been receiving, effective 16 June 2015 we will block all non-approved 3rd party content services. Customers will only be able to receive the following services and SMS alerts:

· 15454 (TNB Services)

· 15888 (MyGov)

· 13999 (Tabung Kemanusiaan SKMM)

· 32999 (Astro movie purchase)

· 6XXXX (including bank TAC, notifications, alerts etc)

· 23388 (redONE)


We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If any customer feels that there are other services that should not be blocked (whitelisted), please feel free to make suggestions by writing to and please include the relevant SMS shortcode number in your email.


In the next few months, we will be launching our own content services. Please visit on your smartphone browser for a preview of our redONE content.