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More than Just Painting the Town Red

More than Just Painting the Town Red redONE is proving to be ambitious and innovative in becoming more than just a local telecommunications brand

“We need to look beyond Malaysia and beyond just mobile services to ensure our sustainability”, says redONE CEO, Farid Yunus

In Malaysia’s highly saturated and competitive mobile telecommunications market, redONE Network Sdn Bhd (redONE) has managed to carve out a substantial niche since its establishment in 2012. From just a few thousand customers when the new management took over, redONE now has over one million users and is the largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia. It continues to achieve steady growth due to its dynamic leadership and efficient management team and a large network of highly motivated sales partners paired with innovative and affordable mobile plans for its customers.

The New Offerings
Since its inception, redONE has always sought to offer affordability with mobile packages aimed at consumers from all walks of life. This is evident with its entry-level Amazing8 postpaid plan, which gives 4G LTE data and free calls for only RM8 month. Other Amazing postpaid plans offer more data and unlimited calls to all networks depending on consumers’ needs. In addition, redONE offers phone bundle plans that provide customers with a free 4G smartphone from as low as RM38 a month, which is the lowest postpaid plan in the market that comes with a free smartphone.

In meeting market demands, redONE also recently introduced an unlimited data plan that offers unlimited data and calls on top of 10GB of high-speed data which can also be used for hotspots. This unlimited data plan called Hybrid50U is available for only RM50 a month, and it comes with all the benefits of a postpaid plan but without any contracted commitment.

Apart from introducing an array of affordable plans to lessen the burden of the people during these challenging times, redONE also launched various initiatives to support its sales agents. The redBANTUAN programme started in March 2020 as soon as the Movement Control Order was implemented, when many retail merchants found it increasingly difficult to conduct business. On top of providing free personal accident and COVID-19 insurance, redONE disbursed RM3 million in cash and rental subsidies to ease the burden of its sales partners. redONE also made available another RM10 million in financial assistance for partners to borrow on favourable repayment terms. This has not only helped redONE’s retailers to sustain themselves through these tough times, but also allowed hundreds of workers to retain their livelihoods.

Considering the economic downturn, redONE launched its redONE Preneur Sales Advisor (RPSA) Programme to create 10,000 job opportunities for the public. The programme invites Malaysians aged 18 and above to become redONE sales advisors, who will be given professional training and coaching to market redONE’s range of products and services. This programme provides the perfect opportunity for jobseekers, gig workers and students to earn additional income with flexible working hours at little or no entry cost.

There are multiple income streams for the RPSAs which include high incentives for postpaid line activations and perpetual commission payouts, and even a monthly allowance of up to RM3,000 for fulltime RPSAs. Apart from the core business of marketing redONE postpaid lines, RPSAs can also approach customers with a wide range of other redONE products including redCARD credit cards, redCASH utility bill payments, redCARE personal, travel and car insurance, and mobile gadgets from redMALL. Selected redONE agents can also provide Pos Malaysia services to the public under its redPOST programme.

Innovative Solutions
In delivering a greater user experience to customers, redONE strives to continuously innovate and introduce new services and platforms to make the customer journey smoother. For instance, redONE was the first postpaid provider in the country to introduce a paperless registration process, which enabled agents to sign up anyone, anywhere using just a smartphone and a smart card reader. More recently redONE also introduced a self-registration system, whereby customers can self-register online for the plan they want in a few simple steps. The postpaid SIM card is then delivered to the customer’s doorstep after successful registration. However, with more and more smartphone manufacturers beginning to produce embedded SIM (eSIM) compatible handsets, redONE is also moving towards going SIM-less. Customers will soon be able to subscribe to redONE plans without the need of having a physical SIM card, which will greatly benefit both the customers and the company by saving time and cost. The redONE 1App is a mobile application that allows customers to conveniently manage their accounts such as to check and pay their monthly bills, monitor usage, subscribe to additional services, contact customer care and much more. The eventual goal is to also include all the other non-telco services offered by redONE to create a single super-app that will fulfill a variety of consumers’ needs and at affordable prices.

Moving Forward
In line with its vision of becoming the largest MVNO in the ASEAN region, redONE launched operations in Singapore in 2019 and is preparing for further service launches in Thailand and The Philippines in early 2021. Depending on travel restrictions and local business environments, redONE also plans to expand into other ASEAN markets in the future. In its regional expansion, redONE aims to deliver mobile services that are affordable and reliable using the same business model of riding on the network capacity of a major local provider and building out a strong sales partner network - strategies that have proven to be successful back home. “Once we have established a significant customer base and distribution network, we will then introduce our other non-telco services including micro-financing, depending on the regulatory requirements of each market”, said redONE CSO, Ben Teh. “Ultimately we want to give the 600 million people in ASEAN a single mobile SIM, with a single app, delivering a multitude of necessary services” he added.

redONE Chief Sales Officer Ben Teh, launched the redBANTUAN and RPSA programme to help redONE sales partners and the public during this pandemic

Selected redONE sales partners received rental subsidies during the MCO