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Celebrating our longstanding customers with 2 exclusive postpaid plans! New and existing master account can add supplementary lines from as low as RM18 per month and get up to 20GB of data and unlimited calls with no contract!

* For a full list of countries and their respective call charges, please check here. *All prices stated exclude Service Tax, applicable only for redONE Postpaid users.

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  1. What is this offer all about? This is an exclusive anniversary offer to attract our Master Account customers to sign up for a redONE supplementary line.
  2. How long is this offer? This is a promotion effective from 15 June 2022.
  3. Where can I sign up for these plans? You can sign up at any redONE Branch Office and redONE Partners.
  4. Who is eligible to sign up for these plans? All redONE Postpaid RM38 and above monthly commitment Master Account customers excluding M2M.
  5. How much do I need to pay upon registration?
    • Please refer below table for the upfront payment charges:
      Item X18 X28
      Registration Fee RM10 RM10
      Advance Payment waived waived
    • For a limited time only, we’re waiving the Advance payment.
    • If you require a higher credit limit, deposit is required if your tenure with redONE is less than 6 months.
    • If you are a foreigner, you have to pay a deposit equivalent of their respective monthly credit limit.
  6. I am blacklisted by other telco. I would like to sign up to X18 with a new redONE number. How much Advance Payment do I need to pay? The is no advance payment required for this plan.
  7. What happens if I do not fully utilise my High-Speed Data allocation? Your balance quota for the month will be forfeited.
  8. Will I be tied to a contract if I sign up for this plan? This plan is not contracted.
  9. After I take up one of these plans, am I allowed to upgrade my monthly data bundle? You can buy the one-off Data Top Up by dialing *123# or log on to 1App to purchase additional data.
  10. How many lines can I take up for this offer? You can only register a maximum of 6 (six) X18 or X28 supplementary line.
  11. I am an existing Amazing8 customer. Can I change my plan to the new X18 / X28 plan? No. This is an exclusive plan for Master Account customers only to add the X18 or X28 supplementary line.
  12. I purchased the redVIDEO 1 time Add-on, which data will be utilized first? Below table are the data utilization priority:
    Utilisation Data Usage
    X18 X28
    1st Purchased redVIDEO, redSOCIAL, redSTUDY, redMUSIC Purchased redVIDEO, redSOCIAL, redSTUDY, redMUSIC
    2nd 10GB bundled 4G LTE Data 20GB bundled 4G LTE Data
    3rd Purchased Data Top Up Purchased Data Top Up
    4th Basic Internet @64kbps Basic Internet @64kbps
  1. What is redCALL? redCALL is a new Value-Added Service (VAS) that enables high voice usage customers to make unlimited voice calls to all networks in Malaysia.
  2. Do I need to activate/ subscribe redCALL? No, the redCALL will be activated automatically once your X18 and X28 Postpaid plan is successfully activated or successfully ported-in.
  3. I don’t want the redCALL service. Can I terminate it? No, you cannot terminate the redCALL service. It is bundled with the X18 and X28 Postpaid plan for you to enjoy unlimited calls to all networks in Malaysia.
  4. Is there a Fair Usage Policy for the unlimited voice calls? Yes, Fair Usage Policy of 100 hours per month is applicable.
  5. What happens when I exceed the Fair Usage Policy for unlimited calls? You can continue to call other networks’ numbers at RM0.15 per minute for the remaining days of the calendar month.
  1. This promotion is to allow existing redONE Master Account customers to add additional lines under their master account.
  2. The 10 Anniversary promotion is valid for active Master line customers with:
    1. Promotion! – the 90 days Master Account tenure requirement is NOT required.
    2. RM38 and above monthly commitment plan
    3. Good pay master (Not barred or suspended in the last 3 months)
    4. Current master line or sub line(s) must be in active mode. Any form of suspension or barring is not allowed.
    5. Master account holders on other plans who change their plan to any available RM38 and above monthly commitment plan, the master account must meet criteria i,ii, iii, iv before the master account is entitled for this 10 Anniversary promotion.
  3. Each eligible master line subscriber is allowed to sign up for 6 (six) 10 Anniversary Program supplementary line per master. Should the master line have more than 6 supplementary lines, any additional sup line request, partner is required to create redONE Form (mReg Offline) as per existing SOP.
  4. The 10 Anniversary Program supplementary line is not allowed to promote to master.
X18 & X28 Plan
  1. All prices displayed exclude service tax which will be imposed on you in your monthly bill.
  2. Monthly access fee for X18 plan is only applicable for the bundled high-speed data and unlimited voice calls to all networks in Malaysia and fixed line numbers, not for video calls and voice calls to special numbers.
  3. RM10 Registration Fee is required for X18 and X28 plan.
  4. The redCALL VAS are bundled with the X18 and X28 plan and is not optional. RM10 per month will be charged to the bill for redCALL.
  5. The bundled data and unlimited voice calls to all networks are applicable for domestic usage only within Malaysia network. Roaming and IDD are chargeable based on Pay-Per-Use (PPU) rate.
  6. In the X28 plan’s first bill, the data bundle will be prorated based on the customer’s bundled high speed data usage. The prorated usage prices are as below:
    Plan Name Data Usage 25% or less Data Usage 26% – 50% Data Usage 51% – 75% Data Usage 76% or more
    X18 RM2 RM4 RM6 RM8
    X28 RM4.50 RM9 RM13.50 RM18
  7. In the event of termination, there will not be any pro-rated billing on your last bill; you will be charged the full month’s commitment fee.
  8. Upon 100% utilisation of the bundled high-speed data, the subsequent usage will be drawn from the basic Internet data throttling at 64kbps speed. Customer may opt to purchase Data Top Up to continue surfing the Internet at high speed.
  9. Basic Internet is the standard 64kbps speed.
  10. This plan is NOT eligible for 30 days cooling-off period.
  11. Change plan request to the new X18 or X28 plan is NOT allowed.
  1. The redCALL Value-Added Service (VAS) offers unlimited voice calls to all networks and is applicable for domestic usage within Malaysian networks only. Video calls and voice calls to special numbers are excluded.
  2. The redCALL VAS is bundled with the NEW X18 and X28 Postpaid plans and is not optional. RM10 per month will be charged to the bill.
  3. Unlimited voice calls include:
    1. All domestic calls to redONE Postpaid, redONE Prepaid and other mobile operators
    2. All domestic calls to national fixed line numbers
  4. CALLS EXCLUDED from the unlimited voice calls include:
    1. Calls to 1300 / 1700 / 1600 / 1MOCC numbers
    2. Calls to special and premium numbers
    3. Video calls
    4. IDD calls
  5. The redCALL VAS will be auto renewed on the 1st of every month.
  6. In any event where the customer wants to change his/her subscribed plan from the NEW X18 and X28 to another plan, the subscription to redCALL will be automatically continued unless the new plan is Amazing8 or RP8.
  7. The unlimited calls to all networks in Malaysia shall NOT be:
    1. Re-sold, rented or utilized in any other way except as an individual making calls to other network users in Malaysia
    2. Used for rerouting calls (connection with a device/software/application)
    3. Used to setup switch devices which could keep a line open potentially for hours
    4. Used for multiple simultaneous calling and conference calling
    5. Used for call centre and telemarketing
    6. Used for continuous calling for extended period of time, auto dialing and machine to machine communication

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