Get unlimited SMS to redONE Prepaid & Postpaid and 100 SMS to all networks with the redSMS add-on for only RM10 a month!

How do I subscribe to redSMS?

  • What is redSMS?
    redSMS is a Value-Added Service (VAS) that enables customers to send unlimited SMS to all redONE Postpaid and Prepaid numbers and 100 SMS to all other networks in Malaysia.
  • Is redSMS a permanent VAS offered by redONE?
    Yes, it is.
  • How can I subscribe to redSMS?
    You can subscribe to redSMS via the redONE Prepaid App. In the app, just select Add-Ons, then click redSMS and click Subscribe.
  • How do I unsubscribe to redSMS?
    You can use the redONE Prepaid app or contact redONE Customer Care.
  • I have terminated my subscription to redSMS. Can I subscribe to redSMS again?
    Yes, you can.
  • Is there any registration fee required if I subscribe to redSMS?
    No, there is no registration fee required.
  • Will I be tied to a contract if I subscribe to redSMS?
    No, there is no contract for redSMS. You can choose to terminate redSMS anytime you want.
  • Is there a Fair Usage Policy for the unlimited SMS to redONE Postpaid and Prepaid numbers?
    Yes, Fair Usage Policy of 3,000 SMS per month is applicable.
  • What happens when I exceed the Fair Usage Policy for unlimited SMS?
    You can continue to send SMS at pay per use rates.
  • The redSMS Value-Added Service (VAS) offers unlimited outgoing SMS to all redONE Postpaid and Prepaid Malaysia numbers and 100 SMS to all networks, and is applicable for domestic usage within Malaysia only.
  • SMS sent to International numbers (IDD) and while roaming are excluded.
  • redSMS can only be utilised domestically i.e. within Malaysia only. SMS sent when overseas are subjected to roaming charges. The Customer shall be charged based on the SMS rates imposed by the respective redONE roaming operators for SMS usage while roaming with redONE’s overseas roaming partners.
  • redSMS is a subscription based VAS. Customers can subscribe and request for termination any time.
  • If the customer subscribes to redSMS in the middle of the month, any previous usage will be charged normal rate and is not calculated under the unlimited SMS or 100 SMS to other networks. Only the usage after the successful subscription will be calculated under the redSMS.
  • Unlimited SMS to all redONE Postpaid and Prepaid numbers is subject to our Fair Use Policy, which may be implemented if you exceed 3,000 SMS a month. The complete Fair Use Policy can be found on
  • Upon 100% utilisation of the 100 SMS, subsequent usage will be charged Pay-Per-Use (PPU) rate.
  • redSMS is non-transferable, whether by operation of law or otherwise, either to any other person, entity or any other redONE account.
  • The unlimited SMS to redONE and 100 SMS to all networks shall NOT be
    • Re-sold, rented or utilised in any other way except as an individual sending SMS to a redONE number or to other network users in Malaysia.
    • Used for multiple simultaneous bulk messaging.
  • redSMS is strictly for standard person-to-person messaging; and not meant for any commercial/non-personal usages. For any excessive usage, or on suspicion of fraud, any illegal practice or unusual activity in respect of the Customer’s Account with redONE, redONE at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right at any time without being liable to the Customer or any third party to discontinue, disconnect, interrupt, bar or suspend the service for such period of time as redONE shall deem fit.