Get the official Selangor FA Home Jersey at RM68 when you sign up for the Amazing FC58 plan

Amazing FC58 Plan

Sign Up The redONE Postpaid Amazing FC58 Plan &
Get An Official Selangor FA Home Jersey For Only RM68

All prices stated exclude Service Tax.

  • What is this plan all about?
    This is a permanent and exclusive all-in-one data and voice calls plan for loyal Selangor Football team supporters.
  • When is this plan available in the market?
    This plan is available effective from 1 August 2018 to 31 December 2018.
  • Where can I sign up for this plan?
    You can sign up at all redONE Branch Office & Partner Shops available near you (excluding Senheng).
  • Who is eligible to sign up for this plan?
    All new personal number & MNP port-in number starting 1 August 2018 (excluding Corporate & M2M).
  • Is there any advance payment required for this promotion?
  • Will I be tied to a contract if I sign up for this plan?
    Yes, this plan is subject to a contract period of 18 months. Should you take a premium number, you will be subjected to a contract period of 24 months.
  • Is there any Registration Fee required for this promotion?
    Yes, you will need to pay RM10 Registration Fee to sign up for this promotion.
  • Are the unlimited voice calls for the Amazing FC58 plan include calls to fixed lines e.g. 03 numbers?
    Yes. The unlimited voice calls to all networks include all domestic calls to mobile numbers and fixed line numbers in Malaysia. Video calls and calls to special numbers are excluded.
  • Are the unlimited voice calls to all networks valid for calls made when I am roaming?
    The unlimited voice calls to all networks are valid for domestic calls within Malaysia only.
  • I signed up for the Amazing FC58 plan. What happens when I exceed my monthly Data Bundle quota?
    Once you have exceeded your monthly allocated Data Bundle quota, the data connection will be throttled to a maximum of 64kbps, depending on your location and current network conditions.
  • I am an existing Data8 customer. Can I change my plan to the new Amazing FC58 plan?
    No, but you can sign up the Amazing FC58 plan as a supplementary line.
  • Can I terminate redCALL (included in plan) after my contract ends?
    No, you cannot. redCALL is a VAS permanently paired to the plan.
  • What happens if I terminate my line within the 18-month contract period?
    You will need to pay a termination penalty of RM150 x remaining contract months as specified in the Customer Agreement Form that you have signed.
  • This new Amazing FC58 Plan will be available from 1 August to 31 December 2018.
  • Blacklisted customers and/or Non-Malaysians are subject to a deposit equivalent to their monthly credit limit.
  • Valid for New and MNP port-in customers. Corporate & M2M are not eligible to sign up for this plan.
  • Amazing FC58 plan customers are allowed to take a Premium number.
  • The customer’s first bill will be prorated based on the customer’s allocated high speed data usage.
  • Unlimited voice calls to all networks are subject to our Fair Use Policy, which may be implemented if you exceed 100 hours a month. The complete Fair Use Policy can be found on
  • The Amazing FC58 plan is NOT eligible for 30 days cooling-off period.
  • In the event of early termination, the pre-termination penalty will be charged as specified in the Customer Agreement Form.
  • This offer’s terms and conditions shall be read in addition to the terms and conditions stated in redONE’s terms and conditions (“Principal Terms & Conditions”) accepted by the Customer and shall be supplemental to the Principal Terms & Conditions. The Principal Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply and bind the Customer for purposes of this promotion.