We’re giving you free 1GB data during Movement Control Order period to keep you connected at home. #KitaJagaKita

Good News!

We are giving our loyal customers FREE 1GB every day during this MCO period for your daily Internet usage from 8am to 6pm.

If you are eligible for this offer, your FREE 1GB would have been automatically activated.

To check your activation status:

Please dial *123# > select "5 COVID-19:1GB" > select "1 Check Status"

If you did not receive the FREE 1GB and are currently suspended, barred or have no data plan, you can redeem the FREE 1GB per day by dialing *123# > select "2 Redeem" but first you will need to:

1. Unbar your line OR

2. Unsuspend your line OR

3. Purchase a data plan or PPU


1. You only need to redeem FREE 1GB once. The FREE 1GB will be automatically activated every day.

2. M2M plan customers are excluded from this offer.

3. All active redONE Prepaid customers are also eligible for this offer of FREE 1GB data per day during MCO. The data will be activated Automatically.

Thank you.

  • What is this FREE 1GB 4G LTE Data all about?
    redONE is giving FREE 1GB 4G LTE daily data to its active users during this Movement Control Order (MCO) from 1 April until MCO ends.
  • Who are eligible for this offer?
    Postpaid customers who are currently barred/suspended or without a data plan may redeem the FREE daily data via USSD once the line has been re-activated or has subscribed to a data plan or PPU. Dial *123# and follow the simple steps to redeem.
  • When can I use this FREE 1GB 4G LTE Data?
    You can use this FREE 1GB 4G LTE data between 8am-6pm daily from 1 April until MCO ends. When the FREE 1G 4G LTE data has been fully utilised, your subsequent data usage will be deducted from your bundled data plan. Similarly, usage of data outside of the time period given will also consume your bundled data plan, exceeding which, charges may apply.
  • Can I carry forward my unused FREE 1GB 4G LTE data?
    No. Unused FREE 1GB 4G LTE daily data will be forfeited, and a new allocation of 1GB 4G LTE will be given the following day.
  • How do I check my FREE 1GB 4G LTE data usage/balance?
    For Postpaid customers, you may use the redONE 1App or dial *123# to check your usage/balance. For Prepaid customers, you may use redONE Prepaid App to check your usage/balance
  • Am I allowed to tether/hotspot this FREE 1GB 4G LTE data to another device?
    Yes tethering/hotspot is allowed.
  1. This offer starts from 1 April 2020 until the end of the Movement Control Order (MCO).
  2. Only active redONE subscribers are eligible for this FREE 1GB 4G LTE Data offer.
  3. The FREE 1GB 4G LTE daily data can only be used between 8:00am until 6:00pm. Any unused data from the FREE 1GB 4G LTE quota will be forfeited after 6pm.
  4. The FREE 1GB 4G LTE Data will be auto-provisioned into your account daily. Redemption is not required.
  5. The FREE 1GB 4G LTE data will be utilised first prior to your subscribed bundled data quota or bundled Value-Added Services (VAS).
  6. Data usages before and after these hours (8am-6pm) will be deducted from the subscribed plan’s data bundle (if any) as per normal.
  7. Check balance via redONE 1App or dial *123# (Postpaid) or redONE Prepaid App (Prepaid)
  8. Tethering / hotspot is allowed for FREE 1GB 4G LTE data.
  9. All redONE Prepaid active lines will automatically receive the additional 1GB per day from 8am to 6pm throughout the MCO period. The free data will be activated AUTOMATICALLY. You will NOT receive the free 1GB daily data if the line status is Barred or Suspended.
  10. For newly activated prepaid lines in April, the additional 1GB per day data will be AUTOMATICALLY activated for the remaining day of MCO period