Switch to redONE Postpaid Amazing 48+ or Amazing 28 
& get your second SIM with deposit waived*

Switch to redONE Postpaid Amazing48+ or Amazing28 & get your 2nd SIM with deposit waived*




Click Here to view redONE Postpaid Amazing48+ and Amazing28


*Terms & condition apply.

  • How long is this promotion available?
    This promotion will begin on 1 August 2017.
  • Where can I sign up for this promotion?
    You can sign up at any redONE Branch Office and Partner Shops near you.
  • Who is eligible to register for this promotion?
    The customers with the following requirement are eligible for this promotion:
    • All new MNP port-in Master Line
    • Existing MNP ported-in Master line and
    • Existing redONE Master line (non MNP) customers with more than 3 months length of stay (LOS).
  • How many lines can I sign up for under this promotion?
    Eligible Master line customers can add one (1) line. This line will be a supplementary line under your Master account.
  • Is there any registration fee required for this promotion?
    Yes. You will need to pay RM10 registration fee per line.
  • Is there any deposit required for this promotion?
    You do not need to pay any deposit if you subscribe for:
    • Amazing28 with RM50 credit limit
    • Amazing48+ with RM100 credit limit
    For higher credit limit, the standard deposit is applicable.
  • Will I be tied to a contract if I sign up for this promotion?
    Yes, this promotion is subject to a contract period of 6 months.
  • I already have 3 supplementary lines. Am I eligible for this promotion?
    If you are an eligible Master line customer, you can sign up for one (1) new line with no deposit under this promotion.
  • Can I port-in my line from another operator to register as the 2nd SIM?
    Yes, you can. The MNP line will be a Supplementary line under your Master account.
  • After I signed up for this promotion, am I allowed to upgrade my rate plan?
    Yes. You are allowed to upgrade to a higher rate plan.
  • The 2nd SIM Promotion will run from 1 August 2017.
  • The promo is open to all new MNP port-in Master line, existing MNP ported-in Master line and existing redONE Master line (non MNP) customers with LOS > 3 months to add a new line.
  • The Master line customers must register their 2nd sim supplementary line under either Amazing28 plan with RM50 credit limit or Amazing48+ plan with RM100 credit limit. In the event the user requires a higher credit limit, then standard deposit is required as a normal procedure.
  • Foreigners, Corporate lines and M2M lines are not eligible for this offer. Only consumer individual lines are eligible for this promo.
  • The current Master line or Supplementary line must be in active mode. Any form of suspension or barring is not allowed.
  • The 2nd SIM line must be registered under the eligible Master line.
  • If customer already has additional lines, they can still apply for one (1) more new line with no deposit under this promotion.