redONE Postpaid online registration at your fingertips!

Self-register a new line or MNP Port-in to a redONE Postpaid plan conveniently anytime and anywhere. Now you can start saving more with affordable postpaid plans without the need to leave the comfort of your home… and we will deliver the SIM card to you for FREE!

Anytime &
Safe & Easy
to Register
How to Self-Register?
Step 1
Get the Self-Registration QR code from a redONE Sales Partner or visit the plan page in our website
Step 2
Scan the QR code
Step 3
Follow these simple steps:
  1. Select to register new number or MNP port-in
  2. Select plan & choose preferred number
  3. Upload photo of IC & check your details
  4. Perform facial recognition
  5. Confirm plan & make payment
  6. Click Submit and we'll send the SIM card to you
Step 4
Congratulations, you're all done!
  • Try it yourself. Scan now to subscribe to redONE Postpaid

Learn more on the new redONE eSIM service (available for new line registrations only)

What is eSIM?