Introducing our all new online SIM card self-registration service!

Now you can self-register and activate your SIM card anytime and anywhere without the
need to leave the comfort of your home... and we’ll deliver the SIM card to you for FREE!

Anytime &
How to Self-Register?
Step 1
Get the Self-Registration QR code from a redONE Sales Partner or visit the plan page in our website
Step 2
Scan the QR code
Step 3
Follow these simple steps
  1. Upload photo of your IC & perform facial recognition
  2. Check/fill in your details & select preferred number
  3. Select plan & make payment
  4. Click Submit and we'll send the SIM card to you
Step 4
Congratulations, you're all done!

Watch the tutorial video here

This service is available for new number registration only,
MNP port-in is currently not available for this service.