Bill Payment

Pay your bills conveniently via one of the payment channels below

Online Payment

Pay your redONE bill via your preferred online banking service or your credit card.

  • Visit the SelfCare Sign In page and enter your redONE mobile number and password to login.
  • In the SelfCare Homepage, select Download & Pay Bill.
  • To pay your bill, select Pay Now.
  • Enter the amount that you want to pay in the Amount column and click Proceed.
  • Select your preferred payment choice of Credit Card or Online Banking
  • Tick on the Terms & Conditions box and click Proceed.
  • You will be directed to the payment page based on the payment choice you selected.
  • Enter all the necessary details, tick on the required checkbox(es) and click Proceed.
  • Print out the statement/receipt after the payment is completed.

redONE Partner Shop

Visit the nearest redONE Partner Shop to pay your bill in person

View the full listing of the redONE Partner Shops here to find an agent closest to you.

senQ Stores

Visit the nearest senQ stores to pay your bill in person

Through our partnership with senQ, you are now able to pay your redONE bill at any senQ outlets nationwide. Locate a senQ store here.

Senheng Stores

Visit the nearest Senheng stores to pay your bill in person

Through our partnership with Senheng, you are now able to pay your redONE bill at any Senheng outlets nationwide. Locate a Senheng store here.


Pay your bills with JomPAY in 3 simple steps.

  • Look for the JomPAY logo and Biller Code on your redONE bill.
  • Logon to your preferred Internet Banking or Mobile Banking portal and look for the JomPAY icon.
  • Enter the redONE Biller Code 8607, Reference-1 redONE Customer ID and payment amount, and you’re done!

Click here for more information on JomPAY.

Maybank ATM, Cash Deposit Machine & Maybank2u

Pay your redONE bill with your Maybank banking account.

Visit any Maybank ATMs or Cash Deposit Machines nationwide, or login to your Maybank2u banking portal. Enter your redONE Customer ID which can be found on your monthly bill plus the payment amount, and you’re done!

Celcom Payment Kiosks

You can now pay your bills at any Celcom Payment Kiosks.

As redONE’s services are powered by Celcom, our customers are also able to pay their redONE bills at all Celcom Payment Kiosks (CPKs). CPKs are strategically located in Celcom branches and Celcom Blue Cube outlets nationwide. View the full listing of CPK locations here.


Pay your redONE bill at selected stores with ePay services nationwide.

Through our partnership with ePay, you are now able to pay your redONE bill at selected Petronas Stations and retail stores nationwide. Locate a participating Petronas Station or retail store here

Direct Debit

Charge your redONE bill directly to your credit card every month for your peace of mind.

For ultimate convenience and peace of mind, you can now set up monthly Direct Debit payments from your preferred credit card for your redONE bill. Our Customer Care representatives will be glad to help you set this up. Simply dial 1909 from your redONE number or
1800 11 0800 from other networks.

Mobile Money Merchants

Pay your redONE bill at over 1,500 shops nationwide that accept Mobile Money payments.

Through our partnership with Mobile Money, redONE users can now pay their bills at any Mobile Money retail merchants and terminals. Just look out for the Mobile Money symbol the next time you shop and ask to pay for “redONE” bill.

Utility Bill Payment

Pay your utility bills with no additional charges at any redONE Partner Shops.

Other than paying for your redONE bill, you can now pay your other utility bills at any redONE Partner Shops with no additional charges! View the list of billers here.


Visit the nearest 7-Eleven store to pay your redONE postpaid bill

For your convenience, you can now pay your redONE postpaid bill at any 7-Eleven outlet nationwide. Locate the nearest outlet here.